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Córdoba, Argentina - one of many cities with a need for more pastors and healthy churches


There is a need for planting healthy churches in all the world, including amongst the Spanish-speaking population. In order to achieve this, pastors, leaders, and missionaries need to be trained. Our seminary offers various programs and methods of delivery in order to serve the most possible: live classes, online, and extensions centers. We now have students from over 20 countries.


At William Carey Seminary, we are focused on training current and future leaders who will oversee ministries, plant churches, and serve as missionaries both in Argentina and abroad. We are just one of several missionary families from different countries who are working on this project.


William Carey Seminary students

We Need Your Help!

As missionaries, our salary depends on monthly donations from individuals and organizations. Our donors give to ARM Ministries, who in turn pays us monthly to cover our living expenses, savings, ministry budget, etc. We are thankful for our faithful donors who have allowed us to be in Argentina for the past 16 years. 

To find out more about how to partner with us through donations, please go to our Support Us - Donate page.

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