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Here are some questions we are often asked, along with their answers.

  • Why is your seminary called "William Carey" Seminary?"
    There are several answers to this question. First of all, William Carey was the father of the modern missions movement, the impact he had upon world missions in the past 4 centuries is surpassed by no one. At the heart of our Seminary's vision is to see Latin Americans mobilized as missionaries and sent to all parts of the world. We believe the intelligence, creativity, and personal skills of Argentines and other Latin Americans are ideal for reaching countries that pretty much reject North Americans. We also hope to see pastors trained who will go to other parts of Argentina to plant churches. Another reason is that our founder, Sam Masters is currently finishing up a doctoral dissertation which focuses on the life of William Carey. Finally, we feel that William Carey serves as an exemplary model for Latin Americans who seek to be involved in ministry. Carey was not born into an advantageous family, he was poor and lacked resources. This did not keep him from preparing in theology and for the role of pastor and missionary. He had many setbacks along the way, but his perseverance was always firm. During an age when many were holding to bad theology and practices, he maintained sound biblical doctrine. His most known quote is "Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God."
  • What is your job exactly?
    My "title" with the Seminary is "Academic Director of Distance Learning." This involves tutoring students through their classes, curriculum design, teaching, and running our online platform. However, since our staff is not abundant, we all end up working in ways that do not necesarily fit our titles. Some of the odd jobs that I do are: filming classes and editing the videos, working with professors to build courses, mentoring/discipleship of students, promotion of Seminary at conferences, answering emails from current or potential students regarding any academic related question, and managing our registrar data.
  • Who do you work with?
    One of the best parts about the ministry where I serve is the people I get to work with. For the project of William Carey Bible Seminary, we have people from several different countries working with different missions agencies who have all come together seeking to achieve the one main goal of the Seminary: To train pastors, missionaries, and leaders in all of Latin America. Click here to see a list of the names and the faces that form the team of William Carey Seminary.
  • What is ARM Ministries?
    ARM Ministries is a missions agency. Missions agencies are typically 501 c3 non-profit organizations. The scope and of their work may vary: one missions agency may send missionaries all over the world, while another may focus on just one specific geographical location. They also vary in the type of ministry carried out: some may focus on something specific such as providing medical aid, while others may be broad and take on people serving in numerous capacities. In the end, however, all missions agencies exist to achieve one common goal: Facilitate in the process of mobilizing missionaries and to provide them with resources which will allow them to continue to carry out their work once on the field.
  • Why doesn't William Carey Seminary pay you?
    Everyone on our team is a volunteer, that is no one receives a direct paycheck or regular pay from the Seminary. Thus, everyone is funded as missionaries through missions agencies. In Argentina there are several economical challenges that makes our project very distinct from a typical higher education institution in the United States. First of all, Argentina provides free education to everyone, even at the university level. This creates a general view towards education as something that should not have to be paid for, and if so, not at high costs. Secondly, although there are exceptions, the evangelical population here is generally among the lower socioeconomic levels. Thirdly, the funds we do charge for students are being put towards expanding the Seminary. Building a library, increasing our marketing, and installing classrooms are ongoing projects with high costs, which is where we our putting our earnings towards.
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