One of the key ways we keep in touch with our friends and family back home is by sending out newsletters. They are usually focused on the ministry work we are doing in Argentina, but sometimes we include other stories involving our personal lives or cultural aspects of living abroad.


Below are some of the important newsletters we have sent out over the past several years. In order to receive our newsletters, just fill out the form on the right.

January 07, 2020

A few days before Christmas we opened our house up for others in the neighborhood to come over. The event was held during the afternoon time, from 5-7 pm. This time of day is known to be the time when Argentines have an afternoon snack, which is called "Merienda".

November 14, 2019

We never know what God has in store for us from one day to the next. Many days may seem "normal" and other days may seem more "supernatural," yet God is in control of all of our days and his will is accomplished if we just make ourselves available to him. 

August 16, 2019

So many things have happened since our last newsletter, I feel like I could write a book about them all! I hope the brief stories and pics below give a good overview of our lives and ministry over the past couple of months.

May 15, 2019

How do I know we are succeeding as a Seminary? Are we making a difference?
Those are questions that I ask my self on occasion. Not that I am doubting my work or if the Seminary is successful, but sometimes we as humans want clear, tangible signs of success. 

Of course success can be defined in different ways (click button to read full story)

Back in Argentina!

March 28, 2019

We have been back in Argentina now for a little over a month and we are finally getting back to our "normal" lives here in Cordoba.
When we arrived on February 19th we felt like fish out of water. We did some renovations on our house during our stay in the USA, and we are thankful that most of the work was done before coming back. However, not all of it was done an there was quite a bit of dust and debris from all the work. Furthermore . . . 

In just one month we will say our good-byes to friends and family and board a plane to go back to Argentina

January 18, 2019

We are full of different emotions and thoughts as we prepare to head back. We are first of all thankful for the time that we have been able to spend with our family and friends. Additionally, we have made some new friends and are grateful for everyone that has been so hospitable and friendly and loving.

We are thankful for so many things this holiday season

November 30, 2018

For the first time in over 12 years, I was able to be in the USA for Thanksgiving. Although it is not a holiday in Argentina, we do try to find the ingredients (or find suitable replacement ingredients) to make traditional foods that we eat in the USA. So, I have not gone entirely without Thanksgiving, but it isn't quite the same as celebrating with family in a typical American fashion.

8 men who will change the world

October 05, 2018

A few weeks ago at our Seminary's regional conference in Tucuman, Argentina, 8 students received their diploma for completing their studies.

We are on "furlough" until February 2019 ... What does that mean and what does it look like to be back in the USA?

September 08, 2018

We are currently in the United States for our first extended "furlough" since moving to Argentina 12 years ago. It has been everything but boring!
On June 7th of 2018 we arrived in Dallas, Texas. So much has happened in the last 3 months that . . . 

A Successful short-term football mission trip!

June 15, 2018

The gospel is just one unique message, but God provides us with many different ways and opportunities to share this message of hope. 
In the past 12 years I have been involved with a local football club here in Córdoba, which I seek to use to build relationships so that I may share the gospel.

The only Bible seminary open to Cuban nationals.

March 15, 2018

Within the country of Cuba, you’ll find many seminaries, of many denominations, but not all are open to the Cuban public. The majority are training centers for missionaries coming in or going out - and almost all are contraband (not allowed by the Cuban government). There are only two government-approved seminaries in the country:

A story of success

February 05, 2018

Not long ago, Juan Ignacio Gonzalez was focused on becoming a professional soccer player, following in the steps of his father. A time came when God radically changed His life and gave him a passion for different things, especially studying God's word and pastoring/mentoring/discipling others.
Although Juan Ignacio is only in his 20's he is surely not letting anyone look down on him and . . . 

What our Cuban Seminary students are happy about.

March 15, 2018

Did you know there are over 150 students in Cuba preparing to be future leaders and pastors with William Carey Bible Seminary?
A group of them are especially happy these days as they received some bikes thanks to a kind donation from one of our many supporters. Our leader in Cuba, Jatniel Perez has done a phenomenal job

2 Ministry events: a conference and a children's retreat

November 20, 2017

Every year, around October, our Seminary puts on a Conference, each with a unique theme and topics. People from all over Argentina come to hear the speakers. This year, our topic was on the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation.

What I like about my job

October 03, 2017

Every job has its "moment of glory" ... when a sale is closed, a project completed, a patient is cured, etc. Essentially, my job is to design, develop, teach, and mentor courses that are theological in nature.
What I like about our Seminary is that we strive as much as we can to connect theology with life (as it should be).

What does a typical church in Argentina look like?

July 07, 2017

At the core of our mission at William Carey Seminary is to see healthy biblical churches planted throughout Argentina and in all of Latin America. I have lived in Argentina now for 11 years and I am still surprised by the lack of what I would call "normal" churches.

Building relationships at William Carey Seminary

June 01, 2017

At William Carey Biblical Seminary we are working hard at building community and forging relationships:
One of our many goals for this year was to work more intentionally towards building relationships. One thing that we have already had in place for years is that we require each student to have a mentor.

Buy a water heater if you want to learn a little about life in Argentina

May 15, 2017

So, I believe it was a Tuesday that I bought the new unit, and the salesman took my phone number and told me that the installation technician would be getting a hold of me soon. The good news was that I got a call on the next day, a Wednesday:

You have helped the gospel spread in Latin America

March 11, 2017

At William Carey Seminary, our students are having a direct impact on their churches and communities. I invite you to watch this video about one of our recent graduates, Roberto Romero: (Roberto is on the right in the picture. Click the picture to see the video, or click the button below to see the video in the original newsletter.)

Stories of ministry in Córdoba, Argentina

October 11, 2016

In this newsletter I would like to share several stories using photos.

In this picture, the young man on the far left is Nicolás Olivera, a student of Seminario Carey. Here, you see him in his main area of service, which is to a community of Bolivians who work in tough labor making bricks. 

News from our work in Chile and in the north of Argentina

June 01, 2016

In early April I had the opportunity to go to southern Chile, which is where one of the study centers of our Seminary is located. Together with Juan Leyton, director of the Seminary, we were invited to give some talks on the church's role in Evangelism. We also used the time to catch up with our students studying there. 

My experience teaching our seminary students throughout all of Cuba

September 30, 2015

I am glad I had the opportunity to go to Cuba for around 10 days, although I must say it was a "difficult" trip.   It was tough physically and emotionally. Even though it was not too long of a trip, it was the first time I had spent a number of days away from my family, plus, in Cuba there is no wi-fi or internet, so I was without connection and the ability to communicate freely for the entire time I was there.

Looking back at 2014 and ahead to 2015 ... serving in various capacities.

January 22, 2015

We finished up 2014 with lots of end of the year meetings and activities. In Argentina, December is not only just the end of the calendar year, it is also the end of the academic year for students of all ages.
For the university ministry at our church, we had an informal year-end meeting. With students sitting in a circle, people requested songs to be sung, shared some highlights from the year, and prayed together.  Of course, a time of eating food was also had.
I also had the opportunity to baptize a young man, Emmanuel Alonso, who is enlisted in the Argentine Air Force. 

Teaching sound theology and developing relationships with pastors in Tucuman, Argentina

September 01, 2014

Last month I went to Tucuman to speak at a theological conference, along with two others who also work for Seminary Carey, pastor Sam Masters and pastor Juan Leyton. Tucuman is 6 hours north of Córdoba by car, and is the 5th largest metropolitan city in Argentina.

Report on successful mission trip to Cachi, in the north of Argentina

February 26, 2014

From Jan. 25th to Feb. 3rd, I helped lead a group of people from our church on a mission trip to Cachi, which is a remote town in the Province of Salta, in northern Argentina (a 14 hour drive from Cordoba). Carlos Cañete was the other leader/trip organizer, who is also with ARM ministries.

Caos insues as Argentine police officers go on strike.

December 18, 2013

What would your city look like if there were no police?

Unfortunately in Córdoba we found out the answer to that question just 2 days ago. 
It seemed for me to be a typical day in the city. After finishing work, my wife and I decided to join up with a friend for a movie.  We bought tickets to the show early, went to eat at the food court, and then when we tried to enter the theater, we knew something wasn't right.

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